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February 20, 2011

 For the  next Windows Live Moviemaker  this Tuesday Feb. 22, I hope you will have had a chance to work with the program to get a feel for how it works. If you have a movie completed or partially completed, please make a movie clicking on “save movie” and use the” recommended for this project”  settings and after the movie file has been made..copy the file onto a thumb drive if you have one and we can have a “show and tell”.  If you have had problems with your first movie we will try to resolve them.


For the next Sony Vegas Moviestudio HD class on Thursday  Feb. 24, we will spend little time, not a lot, on how the built-in tutorials work . Then we start to get into the good stuff, the video effects.

February 13, 2011


Windows Live Moviemaker classes will continue on Tuesday mornings. This coming Tuesday morning I intend to do a review of  Windows Live Moviemaker  from the beginning for the benefit of the new people.


 For those who are interested, I will start teaching a class on the more complicated program, Sony Vegas Moviestudio HD, on Thursday evening at 7 PM*.  I will be using the basic moviestudio HD program which retails for $44.95.  You can download a 30 day free trial at :


Sony Vegas Moviestudio HD



 will allow you 4 separate video tracks and 4 separate audio tracks ( The Platinum version will allow you to go to 10 audio and 10 video tracks and has a few more video effects as well as including a companion program . DVD Architect..The program costs $94.95 downloaded.)


Multiple audio tracks are very useful for adding music or narration.  The audio tracks can be recorded into directly if your computer has a microphone input.


Multiple video tracks are useful for green screen effects, picture-in-picture effects, etc.


Unless you turn professional, you probably will never use all the potential in these programs.


* an alternative time would be Friday afternoon from 1 to 2:30 . we can discuss this at the Tuesday class.


Important information about downloading Live Moviemaker

I just found out that the link  below this page to download Widows Live Moviemaker will not work. Apparently, Microsoft will not allow a download if you link to the page from another web page if that web page is not on their approved list...Not to worry, copy the link and paste it into the address of your browser and it will work.

You must download the program from the explore.live.com web page directly to get the latest version with all the goodies.  Cnet and others seem to only have the earlier versions. That is why Paul's version of windows live moviemaker did not have the "automovie themes ribbon".

Also..In order to dowload the latest version of Moviemaker 2011 from the microsoft website, If you are using Vista, you must have installed Service pack 2 and something called a windows platform ( Windows platform is a group of files that allow windows live movie maker 2011 and the other live essential programs to run on Vista.  Windows will tell you what to do and how to do it when you try to run the installer program.

January 11 2011

In our second meeting of the season, we discussed the Windows Moviemaker editing program.

·         Moviemaker is free, simple and can be downloaded from http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials?os=other.

·         My plan for the season is to have everyone work with moviemaker to get the feel of the program and of video editing in general, and then, when everyone is up to speed on windows moviemaker, do an introduction to the Sony Vegas Moviestudio editing program.  A 30 day trial of the program is available. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL PROGRAM NOW UNLESS YOU INTEND TO PAY FOR IT. IF YOU DO, WE MAY NOT GET TO IT IN CLASS UNTIL AFTER YOUR TRIAL HAS RUN OUT.

We also discussed cameras for shooting videos.

Your homework for next week  is to make a movie with windows moviemaker.

·         Be sure to save your project file

·         publish( save your movie) it to your hard drive as a .wmv file. 


see you next Tuesday





January 4 2011

At our first meeting of the new year we discussed cameras and the latest version of Window Live Moviemaker.

Moviemaker is free, simple and can be downloaded from http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials?os=other.

There is a tutorial on AutoMovie theme function at http://explore.live.com/windows-live-movie-maker-auto-movie-themes-using?os=other