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February 8,2012

revised February 9, 2012

Hi Guys,

I won't be able to have a moviestudio class this Thursday evening, Feb. 9.
I do plan to have an evening class on Feb. 16, but again I will have no class on Feb.23.

I will still have the 8: am Tuesday morning classes for windows live moviemaker, if any one shows up. Except that there will be no class on Feb 14.

I dont want to leave in the lurch, anyone who has started a project. You can give me a call, or better yet an email ( as you probably have noticed..I dont think on my feet very well) to set up something. I should have more free time by next Wednesday when the last of the interviews for this year will have been videoed and edited.

Bruce Nelson

January 31 2012

Window Live Moviemaker Class

We discussed adding narration to our movies. This seems not to be possible within the program but there are work-arounds using the "sound recorder" program that comes with windows 7. There is a  tutorial  that shows how to do this .How To Do Voice Overs On Windows Live Movie Maker (NO DOWNLOADS) - YouTube

Since you can only add one sound track to moviemaker, in order to have both background music and a narration takes a little juggling around. A technique that seems to do this is to use the sound recorder while the music is playing on windows media player thru the computer speakers. and to time this with your movie you will be running and watchingthe moviemaker preview as you speak.  (remember to turn the video sound to off when you do this.)  When you are doing all this, your computer will be actively running three programs at once.

We also looked at a tutorial reviewing the windows live moviemaker program.Getting Started Tutorial - Windows Live Movie Maker - YouTube

 ( earlier this year we looked at the windows tutorial on the auto movie feature,http://explore.live.com/windows-live-movie-maker-auto-movie-themes-using?os=other )


We did not discuss this in class, but I recently ran across a "webinar" from sony that demonstrated a program, moviEZ HD, that has some of the instant movie making features of moviemaker with some added features such as adding  a narration  from within the program. Webinar Making movies fast!

I haven't had a chance to view it all, but it looks interesting for the beginning moviemaker.  It costs $45.  You can download a free 30 day trial.  For about the same money you can get a much fuller featured program with a steeper learning curve,Vegas Moviestudio HD and for twice the money you can get Vegas Moviestudio HD Platinum,  which includes DVD Authoring program with lots of bells and whistles.

  January 26 2012

Vegas Movie Studio Class
Sony vegas has a web page that list "webinars"and other free training videos (but not all are free) many are intended for the pro versions of the program but much of what they have to offer will apply to Moviestudio versions as well. Sony Creative Software - Training and Support



January 3 2012

At our first meeting of the new year we will discuss cameras and the latest version of Window Live Moviemaker.

Moviemaker is free, simple and can be downloaded from http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials?os=other.

(In the past, dowloading the program from a link in a web page has sometimes not worked, if that is the case, simply copy the url and past it into the address bar of your browser and go to the page directly.)

There is a tutorial on AutoMovie theme function at http://explore.live.com/windows-live-movie-maker-auto-movie-themes-using?os=other