Class Syllabus

Session #1 Jan 19

1..Distribute and load class material folder "## movie studio class"  into my documents or documents

2..Brief demonstration of capturing video from digital video tape camera.

3..Very Basic editing

Sesson #2 January 26

Editing the Video Tracks

1..The Ken Burns technique with still pictures

2..Creating a screenshot and adding it to time line

3..Fade in and fade out

3..Adding to second video track(layering)

4 ..two methods of transparency

5..Adding Titles project

7..preview home, render project as "3 gettysburg.wmv"

Session #3 Feb 2

Editing the Audio Tracks and making a DVD

1..sound levels (2 methods)

2..panning the audio


4..Add sound files


6..create folder "dvdprep1" and "dvdprep2"

7..Instructor will demonstrate how to go from Movie Studio to DVD Architect (using only a 30 second clip) home